How To Motivate Yourself To Work From Home

Now that I have decided to be a stay-at-home-mom (at least  temporarily) I have been in search  for something to keep my self occupied. I mean any mom would know that being a mom is a full-time job and it’s not like we have hours of free time but since I was able to find some help to get through the main chores at home, I am able to find some me-time (at least between her nap times).

So when she turned four months I started taking on freelancing work and now she is eight months. At the beginning it was a little difficult, I would always feel like retreating on the bed or curled up on my couch binging some tv show or getting my beauty sleep(before the little one wakes up).

Although I have the ability, I think motivation was something I always struggled with. Surely it is more common than we realize.

I’ve worked on some key points to help me find that motivation and now I am sharing this with you hoping it will be of some help.

Although this is about how to motivate yourself when working from home, I hope those who do (or intend to do) a 9-5 would also find some inspiration to drag themselves out of bed every morning 😉

01. Most importantly choose something you really want to do

We all want money and it most certainly is a strong motivator and there are many of us sticking with our jobs simply for that reason, doing a job we have little to no interest in.

If you are a freelance writer (like myself) it’s always good to work on topics that interests you. I remember taking on a project on HR policies once. Few hours at my desk researching, felt like a lifetime. 😓

I know at the beginning being picky is not really an option. Give yourself a grace period to take on diverse projects and once you are established, have a list of topics you will take on.

Save your energy and time so you could give your 100% to projects that you really enjoy working on.

02. 9-5 or not : work on a schedule that works for you


Don’t let anyone tell you that you should start your work as soon as you get off the bed(unless that’s what world for you) When I was working 9-5, I hated waking up early morning to go to work  and now that I am at home, I  hold on to the luxury of working at my own pace and schedule.

I am not particularly a morning person but now that there is a little one depending on me and is on most days awake by about seven in the morning, I have to get off bed the same time. I keep my mornings to diligently spend time with her and start my work after her mid day nap.

03. Always know where you are heading

If you want to take on one or two projects a month, find some pocket money – it’s totally up to you. If you don’t want to make a business of whatever you are doing it is fine. But, if you want to – that is fine as well.

Especially if you are a blogger who wants to make it your career, it’s best you don’t hide behind it being a hobby because your clients would treat it the same.

Set yourself some timely goals and strive to achieve them. Get your self a pretty goal planner if you have to…(I mean, I know there are many apps that does the same, but I do like a traditional goal planner.


04. Connect and find inspiration 

Although some may seem to discourage working from home or not even take you seriously when you say you do, you can look for bloggers or freelancers like you. Reach out to them, in real life or in platforms such as Facebook. It’s always best to find inspiration through them. Don’t be overwhelmed by how far they have come and thinking you will never get there.

Don’t ever sell yourself short. You could be as great or better. Share insights. Always ask around if you have doubts or if there is something you don’t know. (Because why not?).

Sometimes, I think as communities we should help each other, building them up, giving them a hand: a symbiotic relationship.

We waste most of our precious time, scrolling and scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, actually envying the lives of everyone else.  Little we realize that in the process we waste so much of our lives just idling. So, one day while I was doing the same, I came across this post…


…and it hit me hard. ISN’T THAT TRUE? And what have I done with my life? At some point in life, we all probably ponder the same but, it darned on me at that moment, it’s now or never. Like they say “time and tide waits for no man”, so let’s start today.

It’s all about putting that first foot forward. We might not be big time influencers or freelancers right now, but if we start now, we will, in due course get where we are heading.

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