Finding Calm In Everyday Chaos

One may instantly assume that working from home is like a walk in the park. Well, that is exactly what it is not. Between taking care of a baby and finding inspiration for my work, I struggle to find the one thing, that is as important as ‘a balance’… “time…for…myself”.

Continuously our minds shift back and forth between work and personal responsibilities, that we often forget or rather let go living life with meaning. Between raising our children and working hard for that promotion, do we actually restrict our inner self from the stillness it really deserves?

So as I was looking for inspiration for my writing, I decided to tackle the matter of finding calm in chaos for your sake and mine. 🙂 Read through and find your own inspiration using this as a guide.

1. Adopt a positive attitude

I understand being optimistic doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It is something I personally have failed many times but, fortunately it can be acquired through practice. Although you may not be able to have a positive attitude towards everything that happens in your daily life, start somewhere and then your mind will eventually  catch up.


For instance, if I am to give you a page off my day to day life (as most parents would already know), taking care of a little one that completely depend on you, can be quite stressful. It is not always tickles and laughter. So unless you are a super mom, (which I certainly am not😉) you can get a little  frustrated and angry.

As a resolve to this, instead of the negativity that arise at the moment I try to be  thankful for the gift of my precious baby girl. I don’t deny the complaining because it could be overwhelming sometimes but I do cherish spending time with her.


Of course there will be situations where being optimistic seems far fetched but little things like a delayed bus or someone criticizing your work, being things that are beyond our control, we should not let them deter us.

2. Don’t live one weekend to another

When I was working full time(before Maria was born) I used to wait impatiently for the weekend to relax and engage in something I liked. I just let my days slip away  by simply by waiting on the weekend.

I now realize that each moment counts and deserves to be enjoyed. So even if we are doing the most mundane of tasks, we should always find a way to make it interesting.

One simple thing I love to do when I am cleaning my room is lighting my cinnamon oil burner. The aroma of it helps me  quieten and  refresh my mind, making the job less tedious.


We always wait on the big things to come through and in the process we totally oversee the little things.

3. Take long and relaxing showers

Not everyone has a bathtub to throw in some cute bath-bombs and hop in with their favorite song playing at the background. May be often we just have a quick shower and hustle away in the morning.

At least a couple of times a week, allow yourself to indulge in a long shower with a few scented candles lit in your bathroom. Play a calming song. Take your favorite body scrub, shower cream and your moisturizer in your shower caddy.

My current favourites are;

Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub

Milk & Honey Gold Moisturizing Shower Cream

Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream


I usually do a home pedicure right after my shower by soaking my feet in some hot water mixed with epsom salt. (Be creative and add some flower petals if you like) Once I have given my nails a trim or buff, I apply a coat of nail polish I love (usually a nude tone).

4. Wind down before bed time

We spend so much time on the road, commuting to work and back or running errands in the house. So naturally, at the end of the day ago we want to do is just retreat to bed with the laptop or phone and fall asleep just like that; exhausted. Although we think we are unwinding, what we are doing is the exact opposite. What if we resisted the temptation of hopping onto bed as soon as we get home or at the end our chores? May be we could find a cozy nook in the house where we can just relax. If you don’t have a place, you could create one, with very little effort.

Try this

Never underestimate the power of a warm bath, cup of tea and a good book. Create your own recipe for de-stressing.


5. Invest in personal relationships

We often seem to mistakenly believe that the best we could give our loved ones, happen to be all that of monetary value. I think for any relationship to thrive, we must first and foremost give them our time. Be it marital or parental or even  our friendships. Failing to do so, will only result in meaningless and tiresome relationships. So, it’s always best not to wait for holidays and birthdays to spend time with your loved ones or tell them how you really feel. Healthy personal relationships can give us emotional stability and peace of mind.

6. Take it one day at a time

Always live in the ‘here and now. I find no fault in being excited about something that’s to happen in the future or think of a mistake that incurred in the past, but to be fruitful they should be looked at, in reference to the present. Unnecessarily delving into the future or dwelling in the past could be a cause for worry. Something I like to do as I wake up is reflect on what needs my attention that day. Well honestly, I have not been doing it lately but when I used to, it made a big difference.

7. Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Now that we have taken a couple of hours to unwind and spend time with our loved ones, we should try to get some quality sleep. So when I say make your bedroom a sanctuary I don’t mean luxurious.

You can get some tips from this article on how to make your bedroom a sanctuary  by Stephanie Watanabe

Sleep has to be a priority no matter how busy you are. If you have a hectic schedule and can’t get full 8 hours of sleep every day, atleast try to get a 6 hours of quality sleep. I personally struggle with this. During the day I spend more time with the baby, and now that she is 8 months, she doesn’t take long naps during the day. So when she finally sleeps at night, I try to get some of my writing or research done. I find myself awake past one, two in the morning because to me there is nothing like the peace and quiet of the night to really concentrate.

In the end, I get only about four or five hours of sleep which is not very healthy.

At the end of each day think of things like the rays of the morning sun, coolness of a rainy day, smell of your morning coffee and the smile of your loved ones and remind yourself to find happiness in the little things.



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