B’day Resolutions|Why Not?!

Hello lovelies  🙂

If you are following me on IG, you would have seen one of my recent posts ‘Yesterday, I turned thirty’.

I have been thinking, what a difference it would or rather, it could make in our lives if we, instead of making a wish, take on a resolution on our birthday.

I do understand and quite well agree with all those who might consider ‘resolutions’ overated. However, this is a question of how we wish to age and what we would do to make the process graceful as oppose to despising it all the way. I mean honestl, no one wants to grow old but it is inevitable. What is evitable is living mundane and meaningless lives.


Regardless of our inability to work towards our (previous) resolutions, at the dawn of a new year, some of us still take them on, as an optimistic welcome to a fresh start. A new beginning. But why limit ourselves when we can do the same from birthday to birthday?

Oh better yet, you could assess the progress of your new year resolutions and make necessary tweaking in order to make them more achievable. 

Before we get to some examples, it is important we understand what resolution making means. So when I turned thirty couple of days ago, I asked myself  what I wanted to achieve this year (Goal).

My Goal is simply to  be healthy.

The term Resolution means, the decision to do or not to do something. Based on this context a new year or a birthday resolution would mean the decision we make to either do not do certain things in order to achieve our primary goal.

In my case in order to be healthy I must decide to…

  • Get 6-8 hours quality sleep (everyday)
  • Make healthier meal choices
  • Join the gym and stick to a consistent workout plan
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take caffeine breaks every 3-4 months
  • Reduce my sugar and carb intake
  • Eating more vegetables

In my opinion if I made my intention to be healthy, my resolution it would have been too vague and at the end of the year I would just feel like I didn’t even come close to achieving it.


This way, I am able assess myself and the progress I am making. To me that’s what it means to take on a resolution and also why this whole thing makes sense.

Here is another example  

Save Money 

  • Make wiser spending choices and limit impulse buying
  • Set yourself a standard monthly allowance for food, clothing entertainment etc.
  • Work on a practical but strict budget
  • Use half of any unexpected income (gains) to settle  bill payments, debts and any other personal or home improvement projects etc. but the half as savings for any future needs that may arise.
  • Look at new avenues to earn money like freelancing etc.
  • Repurpose existing things instead of buying everything new
  • Prioritize your expenses

6A6EB356-6E95-41B9-94C9-7E95A66764F7Trick is not to make it overly complicated and  you must be the judge of the practicality of your resolutions. What matters is being the best version yourself, getting better each passing year.

Feel free to share with me your tips in the comment section below!

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  1. alienpoet says:

    I feel a honest n much needed goals


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