Let’s Add Glam To Your Home!

Hey loves! So I finally managed to find some time to work on this… I know this was long overdue, but I was caught up with some other work the past couple of weeks. Well here I am now 💕with some tips to add glamour and elegance to your home without breaking the bank…🙃

I love making changes around the house, quite often and my challenge is to do so within a limited budget. Difficult but not impossible. First step is to understand or rather define your aesthetic. If you haven’t taken the time to understand your aesthetic, take this quiz by Mr.Kate… I thought mine sway between boho chic and chic glam. On an ordinary day, my house would have more of a bohemian vibe but every now and then I like to add a touch of glam, in the most simplest ways possible.

Honestly, I got a more elaborated analysis through the quiz and I do agree… Check it out🙂I’m sure it would be worth your time.




01. Accent with metallic

Metallics could immediately lift your space from ordinary to elegant. Gold will always be an in accent color in the world of interior designing for a long while as it has been for centuries. Candle stands to photo frames, table lamps to shelving units… you could accessorize according to your budget. I advice not to limit yourself to silvers and golds but look at variations and mix and match to achieve that sophistication you are looking for. Before you make any purchase see what you already have, because sometimes a touch of spray paint can do wonders to existing ornaments.

For example;

Just take an empty wine bottle and spray paint it and put some flowers in it 🙂. That would hardly cost you anything but would look a million bucks on your coffee table.


(Spray paint and the hot glue gun  –  two must haves of any crafter)

If it’s your pantry, you want to make changes to, try changing your hardware


02. Luxe textiles and patterns

If your budget permits, you could go as far as changing your drapes and rugs. If your focus is the living room or a bedroom the right combination of throw pillows can make the feel of the space quite put together and glamorous. Go for metallic colored textiles and you will not even need heavy metal furniture to achieve that luxe vibe.


I like to create an inspiration board first. Especially since we are working on a budget, the last thing we want is to end up spending money on things that don’t match our existing decor and color pallets. Blush, Grey and Copper will be a gorgeous combination if your aesthetic is more chic glam. Honestly, I see this becoming a interior decor palette trend in 2019 (do you agree?) Consider Velvets, sequins, lace and ruffle material to enhance the feminine vibe(if that’s what you are going for).


03. Mirrors

Mirrors when placed strategically, it can make your space look bigger than it really is. You could buy some pretty mirrors that compliment your space or you could put the crafter’s hat and do some diy to add more intricate detailing.

Recently I watched one of Mr. Kate’s new episodes What’s My Aesthetic? Glam Boho Apartment Makeover and absolutely loved how she added trims to a mirror and spray painted them.(Check it out here!)


04. Pretty flowers

The best way to soften up your space is to add some flowers around the house. Fresh or faux it could add the right amount of subtle chic glam to your space.  Flowers most certainly would look good in a lovely vase but it could be incorporated to create  beautiful wall medallions like this one.

(Kate really amazes me. I love how her diy’s are so simple but adds so much poise to a place. If you haven’t checked her videos out yet, trust me you should. I absolutely love her work. I find inspiration from her work and truly admire her project outcomes or transformations as they call it.)


05. Candles

Candles add warmth to any space and make the home feel more cozy. For me they  are a must have and I love buying pretty candles scented and not. I also enjoy buying plain candles and dressing them up with lace or ribbons to match my existing decor, so the feel of my space remains more cohesive…Just get some pretty ribbon and wrap the candles or candleholders or you could use some old book pages or newspapper, wrap it around the candles and arrange it on a metallic tray for a more vintage glam look.

P.S. It is always important to remember to take the wrapper off if it’s adhered directly to the candle before lighting it up. 

Are you inspired to try out some of these tips? Do leave me a comment and let me know if you liked the new look and feel of your space after making these simple changes/additions. I am also eager to know if you have some tips and tricks for me to try out…So, let me know on the comment section below. Have a lovely day!

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  1. msw blog says:

    some of the best candles I have ever purchased are Voluspa, not only do they look amazing, but they smell amazing :). Great tips


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