42 Lighthouse Street by Taru Villas ‘An Oasis of Tranquility’

My stay at the 42 Lighthouse Street by Taru Villas wasn’t pre-planned. One Friday, I joined a familiarization tour organized by the Taru Villas team with a couple of other colleagues of mine, to inspect their properties. We started with the furthest (Tangalle) and moved towards Colombo, stopping by all the Taru properties in-between.


By the time we reached Galle, it was quite late and I decided to stay back, instead of traveling all the way to Colombo. As Rampart Street was booked for that weekend, I checked into 42 Lighthouse Street and I certainly would not forget my experience at this beautiful villa. I was instantly lured by three things – The architectural aspect, hospitality of the staff and intimacy of the property, despite been  surrounded by the cafes and stores in the heart of Galle Fort.


We were greeted by villa staff, with delightful passion and mint popsicles that quenched us immediately, as we have been tormented by a heat wave at the time.F3FD5362-DBE0-4D3C-BF7A-03B670E61999.jpeg

While enjoying the coolness of the popsicle, melting away in my mouth, my eyes wandered around the free space of the lounge we were seated at. The symmetry and the simplicity appeased me and intrigued me to see more of this property. (I certainly was over the top by the prospect of an overnight stay.)


4385DC8B-E8D1-48E2-93A0-A866BF3E1087Conveniently located in the old town district of Galle, the exquisite property boasts five elegant rooms that has poise and character that’s unique to each one of them. I understand many travellers would love to sip a cup of tea (or coffee) while delving in to a good book but some like myself, would enjoy penning and doodling just as much while on holiday. For this reason, I appreciated the availability of the lovely dark wooden desk which not only served the functionality but also enhanced the aesthetics of the space. For those who still must get some work done or keep up with Netflix traditions wi-fi is available in all rooms.

92DAA729-FAE2-4EF6-A5B1-4F4A48A58CC7.jpegWith the carved mirror hanging above the desk, it can be a perfect vanity as well. However, the lighting and the large mirrors in the en-suit bathrooms of these rooms are also highly commendable. The rain shower on the other hand will make you want to stay a little longer and a little more and more…lol. You’d come out totally feeling refreshed and awake even if you’ve barely got any sleep the previous night. (Like my friend and I 😂).

7ED4BCB9-C31E-47B3-A3E0-57045C28C4F7I honestly believe the allure of the property lies within its ability to strike a beautiful balance between its colonial splendor and modern-day luxuries so you  could re-live the  past while indulging in the present day comforts.

4B429345-4C5E-4AAD-A1C3-49B6B709E329One must not miss the magical sunset, as it bathes the evening sky with a myriad of colours, from  the roof top of this beautiful abode by Taru Villas. Unwind with the good company of a friend, lover or  a Jojo Moyes’ book (or any other you may like 🙂).

83E1F056-3698-48DA-A429-7534AB44EEB5606CC811-0D50-4B9A-A7A0-3563E9AAAE4EThe terrace is just as beautiful during morning hours and I love the color of the bougainvillea contrasting against the white walls of the building in the vicinity.

2298CE3E-8C08-4108-B7C9-9CF68EC44424My morning was even better after the hearty breakfast they had prepared for me. I doubt anyone does sautéed mushrooms the way they do 😋 I thought I would have a quick bite and head out as I had plans to meet with Shanjei – a local personality from Galle, to show me around the Fort. Well honestly, he had to come in and wait a while because I needed a little more time to indulge in my breakfast.


The Lighthouse Street breakfast extends  from  Sri Lankan cuisine to  continental however if you wish to have your lunch and dinner from the villa as well just ask for the á la carte menu. The chef can be quite flexible and will accommodate your requests to adjust to your palate and dietary requirements. However, should you have special requests that could be advised at the time of booking, I suggest you do so to avoid any disappoint.


I must say, having visited many other boutique hotels and villas, Taru villas chain will always hold a special place in my travel diary.

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