How To Conquer Your Mornings Like A Boss

Waking up in the morning has always been something I have  struggled with, despite having done it day after day, since childhood (I still don’t seem to have a handle on it).😂 I often find myself, thinking how productive my day could be, if … my mornings are less rushed and more organized.

I don’t intend to focus on waking up super early. Truthfully, I used to do that when exams were closing but now, I just can’t seem to. In fact, unless you have to commute very far for work (or any other reason of the sort), you could wake up at a fairly decent time and still have a productive start to your day.


If you search the web, you will find an explosion of ideas on this matter. This is my take on it, but of course I am glad to hear yours too. (Don’t forget to leave me a comment💕)

Let’s start by pondering how you wake up in the morning…

Do you snooze your alarm multiple times before your feet hit the ground or you don’t snooze at all…?!I usually twist and turn for a few minutes after the alarm goes off, trying to remind myself of something I could look forward to, on that particular day.

(It can be something as simple as, a new pair of shoes to wear to work or a meet up with a friend. I mean it could be anything that excites me to get myself off bed.)

01. Establish an evening routine

I know it is quite ironic coming from me but honestly loves, I admit, the secret to a calm and productive morning is a relaxed evening routine the previous day. There is no skipping the fundamentals here. Only when we are mentally and physically well rested, we can take on a new day (and all its challenges). Hence, winding down at the end of each day helps you to be sharp and focused the following day.

You can establish your own evening/night routine. Ideally you can break it down to 3 parts, wind down, prep for next day and a good night’s sleep. Let me explain.

0256E1E9-6FE8-46CB-9715-53A94FFA67EE.jpeg– After a very busy day of work, I like to have a warm shower and sit at a quiet place with a book or some music, sipping a cup of tea (or coffee). (Some days it could even be a conversation with a loved one or catching up some new episodes of Riverdale…)

– After about an hour or so of relaxing I prep for the following day. (This could include packing your bag, ironing your clothes, laying down your accessories, penning the to-do list etc.)

(now that I work from home it includes meal prep for the next day, brainstorming ideas for my blog, taking note of any freelancing work deadlines and so on. Somewhere in between all this I manage to have my dinner and put the little one to sleep as well.)

– Living in Sri Lanka, where it’s like summer all year round 😩 by the time I’m done, I need another showerd. So after a quick shower I go to bed.

As for prepping lunch, I advice you to do it over the weekend or every two or three days. (I will be doing a post on meal prep (lunch) ideas next month..)

If you haven’t read my post “Finding Calm in Everyday Chaos” check it out here.

02. Start your day calm and quiet

Have you ever wondered how flowers bloom so beautifully each morning? How it gently respond to the rising sun? Doesn’t it amaze you?!🌸🌻☀️ To many of us, mornings are difficult and  starting it live and kicking, (phew) is impossible. Hey you know what? That is completely alright. Honestly, you don’t have to start your day with a bang! (unless of course you want to)

You can gently unfold, like the petals of a flower 🙂 but, you could only do that…if there is a flow or a routine in your system. When there is a routine, you know what’s next and next and…next from the time you wake up, till you start your work(or leave for work)… There is no rushing or skipping breakfast (and all that). You can maintain your zen while you slowly open up to the new day.😌🙏

My morning routine breaks down into three parts.

– coffee and morning playlist

I love what the smell of coffee does to you in the morning… For me, having a cup of coffee in the morning while listening to one of my favorite country playlist is everything!


(This song by Steve Holy, is one of my favorite morning songs)

–  Shower and dress up

This takes most of my time (especially when I used to go to work…) so having everything laid out the previous night is really helpful. For my morning shower I like to use a fruity / floral shower gel as the aroma slowly awakens me and makes me feel refreshed throughout the day.

(I am currently using the The Body Shop – Strawberry Shower Gel.I also absolutely love The Herbal Essences smooth collection shampoo and conditioner – a perfect combination of vitamin E, jojoba and rose hips…makes my hair shiny and gives a long lasting smell.)


– Breakfast and business

A healthy breakfast is a good way to start your day but until recently even I hadn’t given this sentiment much thought. Countless mornings I have run to work (or for other errands) skipping my breakfast simply because I didn’t have the time to prepare something before leaving.

We understand breakfast is important but do we understand why? What we must discuss is ‘Why Is Eating Breakfast So Important?’

If you have not yet read my post, do check it out here💕

person mixing cereal milk and strawberry jam on white ceramic bowl
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

While I enjoy my breakfast I check my emails and reply to all your comments DMs in IG. Have you checked my page out yet? I also go through my to-do list and  prioritize. I like to start working on something new in the morning (i.e. If I have a half composed article and a new topic to work on, I tend to take on the latter. I  keep the former for the afternoon or evening.)

Besides all these if you could define some goals for yourself and strive to achieve them…that would be great. Having a sense of purpose for your life is the ultimate motivation you need to wake up each day and live your life to the fullest. So, go ahead,evaluate your current mornings and determine what actions should be taken to turn this around… Always remember, little changes can bring about turn your life around. Just make sure you make the right changes! Later 🙂 x

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