Beat The Monday Blues!

Mondays are difficult… Especially after a long weekend. Phew! The truth is, it is inevitable; there is no running away from scary Mondays! So, I decided to tackle Monday through Sunday and that has by far been the best approach. Now don’t expect yourself to magically fall in love with the idea of going to work on a Monday morning. That is impossible but you will be prepared to take on the challenges the first day of your work week throw at you. Isn’t that good enough?

Meal Prep

It’s just a personal preference. Instead of spending time planning and preparing my meals every single day, I prefer utilizing my lazy Sunday afternoon to do that all at once. Nothing screams convenience than a grab and go meal prepared by yourself. Even if you are a stay at home or work from home mom, this will give you some time advantage during the week. You can either take that time to read a book, spend more time with your little one or even to find sometime for your afternoon beauty nap. The idea is to adapt to some sort of an order so that you don’t feel rushed and all over the place on a day to day basis. Truth is, we are all busy and life can get hectic sometimes but by doing little things in a more orderly manner you can ease the tension. Isn’t that we want?


Schedule and to-do list

I maintain separate to-do lists for work and personal errands. First I run through my schedule for the week and if I have any client calls/meetings that requires any prep work done before hand, I pen it on my work to-do list. Once that is done, I note down any personal errands I have to run (doctors appointments, grocery shopping, salon appointment and all things personal)

One thing I used to do, when I had a 9 to 5 work-life, was breakdown Monday   hourly. Simply because I can be quite slow on a Monday mornings by having a clear mind and a precise to-do list, I could just jump right in, instead of trying to get organized in the morning. What we need to understand is, we work with people who also might not like Monday’s and being forgetful and unorganized can trigger someone else’s frustration and we don’t want to do that now do we? So just take fifteen minutes off your Sunday to get your scheduling in order.


Plan your outfits

This is something I’ve watched my mom do every Sunday. She takes about half an hour and keep her clothes ready/ironed for the entire work week. Although I haven’t practiced this myself, I think this could make your morning less rushed. If you have any meetings or functions that week just keep them in mind when selecting your outfits. (You must also consider the weather) Once this is done, you don’t have to worry about waking up a little late on Monday (or any other day of the week). So you can go ahead and set your alarm a little later because you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing.

Image result for unsplash outfit

Quick declutter

Your room, vehicle, handbag… anything that needs your attention, just declutter and organize Sunday evening. I like to change my bed linen, clear my work table (at home), add some fresh flowers in my room and so on. Clear your bag/wallet, throw away any bills/reciepts. Clutter can undermineones productivity. So try to start your week clutter free.



Finally… darling just pour yourself a glass of wine and delve into a good read… Normally I would say a cup of coffee but with Monday on the horizon, a glass of wine should do.. don’t you think…? (coffee, tea.. anything is fine really) Just relax and unwind before you take on the week…


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