My All-Time Favourite Perfumes

Let’s talk about something we all love…perfumes! Yes? It is amazing how shimming through our favourite fragrance can instantly lift us up. I am quite intrigued, really! There are so many products on the market. So, how do you, go about picking a perfume that best compliments your persona and style? Do you walk into a perfume store and spritz a few testers and go ‘voila’ or…do you read a few reviews/recommendations before heading to a store?

Being the latter, I find it quite disappointing to see majority of perfume reviews only speak about the composition, when you eagerly scroll up and down looking for a little bit more than just an overview, that is identical to every other review on the internet.

I mean, it is good to know the sophisticated bits and pieces (hint of this and that) but (in my opinion, of course) what we often want to know is, if a certain fragrance would vibe with our personality, is it long lasting and most importantly why someone would like (or dislike) the perfume. Yes? (If you like to know more about fragrances, in general, I think this simplifies it perfectly)

closeup of a young woman applying perfume

So, today I thought I’d put down my own list 🙂 Here are some of my favourite perfumes of all-times and of course, why I love them so much. (Trust me, it’s nothing too fancy).

Feel free to tell me all about your top contenders and why they have made it to your list. This way even if I have not listed something a reader is looking for, they might be able to find your review  in the comment section…

Before we start with the list, let me tell you that, it doesn’t mean, I am on a roll with each of these perfumes (lol) but they definitely exude my essence, and for this reason they hold a special place in my heart.

Alright. without further ado, let’s get to it_ pearls and roses!


Morning and Mid-Day Fragrances I love

Surely, we all love to start our mornings with fresh and clean fragrances. For me, this synonym with breezy floral smells. For some, a fresh start in the morning could predominantly mean juicy citrus notes or even lightweight musky scents. I, love to start my day with a fragrance that is mild, fresh and feminine.



Versace Bright Crystal (EDT) was launched more than a decade ago (2006 to be precise) and I have loved it for a really long time. The cute little bottle fits perfectly in my makeup pouch and I used to carry it with me, whenever I stepped out during the day. Definitely a morning perfume for me as it smells amazing when I spray right after a hot shower. I used to instantly feel refreshed (and happy) but not like bam!!! a punch of strong smells. The composition of this fragrance sort of gradually awakens you (picks you up)_ like a pep talk(lol).

It also has a touch of citrus.

Well, it really kicks off with a mild citrus(Yuzu fruit they say) pomegranate combination and then dries off into a tender flowery explosion (if that makes sense?!). These floral scents are what my heart’s after 🙂 So I really love that the flowery notes being at the heart of this perfume- feminine feels

Just imagine stepping into a garden filled with flowers, and you pick up the scents as you go along (except you must walk through a field of lemon scented foliage to get to the flowers?!)

Anyway, I absolutely love how this smell on my skin and the delicate floral scent together with the frosted accords, really keeps it light and fresh. For this reason, I used to wear it to work quite often. It is exactly how I like to feel in the morning – charming, confident, clean (what’s with all the Cs? 🙂 lol idk) and fresh…

For those who would like to know more about the composition…

Top: Yuzu, Pomegranate, Frosted accord

Heart: Peony Magnolia, Lotus

Base: Amber, Woody

On the downside though, it is not very long lasting as some of you may want it to be…but, personally, I was fine with that. Because I used to carry it with me quite often, so I’d spritz whenever I felt the smell has worn off. Somedays, I used to just spray the Versace Bight Crystal in the morning before leaving home and then freshened up mid-day, with a more fruity-floral combination perfume. I also had mixed feelings about the cap of the perfume bottle.

If you like the scent to be long lasting but you love these notes…

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu(EDP) might be a better choice for you. It is definitely more sensual and intense, but it has a freshness to it. It is tangy, bright and transparent. And those Yuzu notes really stand out first, and then the pomegranate slowly picks up. Heart of it is more fruity and floral; raspberries and peonies to be more precise. Interestingly, it concludes with a trail of sensually woody or rather sweet musky notes.

Not something I would like to wake up to or start my day with but I would definitely carry it along with me, to work if I was meeting up with friends or going on a date after work, because I could wear it while at office on a late afternoon. Because it  concludes with a sweetness, I could actually continue wearing it through the evening.



Another fresh and light fragrance of fruity-floral combination that was launched in 2009 but I think it is still available in the market. Last I bought it was about a year ago. Another one of my happy perfumes (Yes, there is such a thing, right?) For some reason the DKNY, Be Delicious Pink puts me in a good mood. It’s very girly… and cheerful!  Ok, for me it’s definitely a pick me up from the rut kind of perfume.

The beautiful blend of apricots, grapefruit, rose and jasmine scents really compliments the tropical weather in Sri Lanka. Would be ideal to wear during Spring and Summer seasons. I love how it starts with a playful/ subtle flirtatious scent (fruit frenzy, some would say) but then it dries down to more ethereal feminine floral notes.  Floral notes are not nauseating at all and the rose petal and jasmine trail is very alluring but the smell of apple and grapefruit is very prominent (in a good way) as well. For some reason, my mind associates this fragrance with a morning after a rainy night… Maybe because it has that right balance of light airy freshness.

For those who would like to know more about the composition…

Top: Grapefruit, Cassis berry(blackcurrants), Apricot

Heart: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Jasmine, Apple

Base: Woodsy notes

If you are wondering what is the difference between this and the original (green one), it is the delectable floral notes. Definitely an everyday scent but as the smell lasts only a couple of hours. You might have to reapply it twice or thrice throughout the day (or layer it with lotion, to make it last longer). You could wear it when brunching with the girls or on a first date if you want to keep it a little casual… I usually wear it either in the morning or midday. Another downside I see is, both (the fresh blossom and the original) of these perfumes, might be a little too immature for some. I mean if you prefer more sensual, warm  kind of scents, this might not be for you.



I was just going to say this is my favourite perfume of them all because it kind of is… except I can’t pick between this and the next one on the list (hold on, you will find out in a minute…)Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming really resonates with my style and also I think, it subconsciously evokes impressions of the femininity and the seductive rebelliousness portrayed by Natalie Portman (maybe…) I adore her!!! (can you blame me? I mean, how can you not, right?!) Definitely signature scent worthy.

So as far as the notes go it is also a fruity – floral blend but with the addition of the sweetness and spiciness of pink peppers.

Top: Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cassis, Pink Peppercorn

Heart: Grasse Rose and Peony

Base: White Musk

For a light scent, it is quite long-lasting and there is a richness to it which is not overpowering. It is for the carefree soul(not neglectful but more like lighthearted)  but the beauty of it is… even if you are not, you just feel like it. You feel very cheery but graceful and feminine at the same time. For me personally, it is the essence of a woman in a bottle. Sweet, gracious, ethereal, passionate, romantic, refined and even approachable… I can go on! There is so much positivity and larger than life vibes associated with this perfume. Actually, as Dior describes it, Absolutely Blooming is a cheerful perfume for a woman who enjoys life.

I tend to wear this during the day, but it is quite suitable for the evening as well. The red berry and rose concoction really makes you stand out when worn on a night out. Sometimes, I just spray it on my wrist and go to bed and I could still smell it when I wake up the next day morning. If you haven’t tried this one, I think you should give it a go. Test it on your skin first, because as we know, perfumes can smell different on each person so before you buy it, just sample first.

Evening Fragrances I love 



So, a few years ago, I got a small sample bottle of this perfume and at first, I was like… Na! Not for me. But for some reason, I held on to this sample and one day, I dabbed a little before heading out. Looking back, I think, maybe I didn’t like it at first because I just gave it a sniff while it was still in the sample bottle and also from the colour of it, I had already decided it was warm and spicy (which wasn’t really my thing). But when I just dabbed it on my skin for the first time, it smelled incredible. To be honest, I fell in love with it just like that. If I were to describe this perfume in one word, I would say ‘exotic’. It’s a more sophisticated and sensual fragrance suited for the contemporary woman that portrays a balance of strength and femininity.

I receive tons of compliments when I wear this perfume and my husband loves it too. This exquisite perfume is more suited for cool evenings because the presence of warm vanilla notes might pass off as too intense to be worn during the day time.

Top: Blackcurrant nectar

Heart: Freesia and Rose of Mai

Base: Musky blond wood, Vanilla

What I really love about this perfume is for a classy and mature perfume, Si EDP still has a lovely floral scent at the heart of it but the vanilla and musky blond wood base envelops these fruity floral notes perfectly to give you a very distinctive trail that lingers on for a long while. So, if you want to wear a perfume that would go hand in hand with your elegant, independent and seductive personality, I’d say you are going to love this. Although this perfume was launched about 6 years ago, it is still one of the top perfumes of all times because there is something very enticing about this scent.

A word of caution though; little goes a long way so be careful not to splurge yourself.

Well, there goes my list of favourite five perfumes of all times. But honestly, like I said before, if I were to pick two out of this(because I just can’t pick one!) it would definitely be  Sì, by Giorgio Armani and Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming.

I know this post is quite long already but I must mention a couple of other perfumes, I really like(I mean it is unfair not to,right?). Lancome La Vie Est Belle is another one of the top perfumes I would happily wear on a night out. Then there is also My Burberry Blush that has some of my favourite notes like the pomegranate, rose, jasmine, wisteria and so on. It actually smells delicious! There are a few more…

May be I will do another review on some of the latest perfumes sometime soon. Until then, do let me know what your all-time favourite fragrance is and if there are any perfumes you think I might like or should try… 🙂

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  1. This was helpful for me – thanks for sharing!


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