Where Can One Find Free Feminine Stock Photos

I am a writer, not a photographer. But I understand quality images play a major role in building up the aesthetics and indentity of a brand. Especially us, bloggers spend so much time looking through stock image libraries, searching for perfectly styled stock photographs to spice up our blog or elevate the look and feel of our business website. The struggle is real!

Is it just me or does it seem like all paid stock image subcriptions have that exact photo we are looking for? All the time! Right?After extensive research, I have finally found a few sites that are promising. Let me tell you all about it.

Building up a stock image library is a gradual process. Don’t expect to start with 100 plus images. At least that’s not how it worked for me.

My all time favourite (go-to) general stock image library is unsplash. If you are specifically looking for photographs that scream feminine feels,just type-in terms like feminine, pink, stationary on the unsplash search photos tab.

There are two more similar sites you could use if you are trying to find something real quick – pexel and pixabay. 

Beside these three, here are five more stock image libraries I would recommend. But there is a catch. You remember at the beginning of this article I said it was a gradual process? Here is why.

Most of these sites have tons of feminine style photographs but like any other business, you must pay to unlock them all. On the bright side, you could opt for a free subscription where you will have to enter your name and email address. Signing up will unlock for you 5 or 10 monthly images(it could vary depending on the site). You’ve got to save them in your own stock pile. If you don’t have one, maybe you can start now.

I do suggest you keep a different email for this one to avoid it from becoming very spamy. But honestly most of them don’t spam you with hundred odd emails. Often I even find certain things they share to be relatable and useful for us, Content Creators and Writers.

So, here’s the list…

Oh, Tilly

I absolutely love their photographs. They capture the feminine vibe so beautifully. When you sign up you can unlock 15 stock images that could be used to elevate the aesthetics of your brand. Also as long as you are subscribed to them, you will continue to receive 15 styled stock images every month. Isn’t that amazing?

CGS Creative

When you subscribe, you will receive an email that would direct you to confirm your subscription (and prove that you are not a robot!). Once that is done, you will recieve another link with your login details to access the free image library. Always make sure to read about liscense details. Like for instance, these images are available under creative commons license. You can read more about it here.

Haute Stock

See, this one, I signed up just recently and they do have an amazing library for the members. The membership comes with lots of perks but if you are a new blogger who would like to stick to the freebies, check out their free library to download the free images. Sometimes the free downloads are not as great in comparison to the ones members get acces to, but see if there are anything you could work with. They also have some interesting reads on their blog. So for what’s its worth, just check them out. Personally I really dig the look and feel of this site:)


If your vibe is more vibrant and modern you might really like this site. Lots of hot pinks with pops of sunny yellows, sky blues and other bold hues that can immediately grab the attention (especially) of a younger audience. Just sign up and get your 15 free feminine stock images today.

Dabbles and Babbles

Another pastely minimalistic stock image library with some gorgeous free images that could easily entice your readers. These quality feminine style stock photos can be used for banners, mockups, text overlays, social media and so much more. Get your hands on eight beautiful free stock images that will instantly put you at a visual advantage.

I could easily give you a few more free feminine stock image libraries but it’s best to start with a few. The idea is not to download all of it at once because they look so pretty(unless you really want to) but to find photographs that add value to your brand image or elevate the aesthetics of your blog/business. Always try to sort them out into categories so you don’t have to spend a lot of time (again) trying to fetch the images in your own library.

Do let me know if this was useful and if you managed to find some quality photographs that you like. If you did, please share/reblog 🙂

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  1. Alien Poet says:

    nice content ..omg unluckily im a guy 🙂 this is fr girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am sorry about that but you can actually use Pexel pixabay and Unsplash. They have plenty of nice images and for free 🙂


      1. Alien Poet says:

        oh that’s cool dr


  2. Nirant Gurav says:

    Handy post mate ✔️💯


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