5 books you should read this summer

The summer is officially here. If you are anything like me, especially as a mom, you are probably looking forward to a few quiet moments in between to get on with your summer reading. This year I moved to a place by the river with breathtakingly beautiful views. The blue sky and golden sun reflecting on the river, put me in the summer holiday mood just walking along the river bend. Well, mostly I sit by the river and write, but I thought it was time to write down five of my favorite books that everyone should have on their summer reading list.

Before I get to my summer book recommendations, you need to know that Taylor Jenkins Reid, Emily Henry, and Jenny Han are among my favourite authors, and of course, some of their books have made it onto this summer reading list. However, titles like The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and When the Sky Fell on Splendor can be read any time of year, rain, shine, or snow.

Now, let’s get to that list, starting with one of my favorites:

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover

For a book with a happy ending, this book goes through a real roller coaster of emotions. In summary, it’s about two people from entirely different walks of life who are dejected by their journeys and are drawn to each other with undeniable alchemy despite their superficial differences.

Beyah, a girl who takes her destiny into her own hands, leaving a cruel past behind and striving for a better future for herself, is however left disgruntled by having to spend the remainder of her summer with a father she barely knows. When a handsome but mysterious and damaged neighbor, Samson, enters her life, the story takes a turn.

“Maybe we did grow heart bones. But what if the only way of knowing you grew a heart bone is by feeling the agony caused by the break?”

― Colleen Hoover, Heart Bones

It is a heartbreaking but beautiful read. Obviously, Colleen Hoover does it best in the romance novel department.

The summer I turned pretty by Jenny Han

The first book in a summer trilogy from the author of To All the Boys I have Loved Before. The book has been around for about a decade but has gained traction with the series airing on Amazon Prime Video this month. I have started measuring life in springs, and if that makes sense to you, so do you, in seasons.

Bella does it too, in summers! The best things in life happen in the summer, she believes. I’d say there’s nothing better than spring, but then again, I had a questionable spring in 2020, a lockdown, and my head buried under my pillow. The Summer I Turned Pretty is all about Bella waiting for the magical summer months to arrive.

“When you walk on the beach at night, you can say things you can’t say in real life.”

― Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

It’s a coming-of-age novel that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if that’s the case, you will be impatient to get to It’s Not Summer Without You and We Always Have Summer because you will feel so connected to Bella’s character and watch her grow up.

Alternatively, you can wait for the series, but when has a television series ever done the book justice? 😉

Beach Read by Emily Henry

If you are a writer, you will identify with this a little or who knows, massively. Let’s see.

It’s about two writers of completely different genres, experiencing writer’s block, finding themselves in the same neighborhood, and spending their summer in adjacent beach houses. They challenge themselves to write stories completely out of their comfort zones. Well, if that doesn’t get them out of their creative rut, wonder what will?

“I’ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favorite person.”

― Emily Henry, Beach Read

Just quoting Beach Read, now go ugly cry and then pick up that book! Let me know if you like it 😊

People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry

What is it with me and characters who have nothing in common falling in love? Or better yet, what’s the deal with Emily Henry?

Remember the days when we did compatibility tests on the internet, then came dating apps and whatnot. Right? We always try to find those we can relate to, and it seems more like finding love where your interests match more, but who knows! She is a young and dynamic girl who wants more out of life, and he is a boy who dreams of being a family man one day.

“It hurts to want it all, so many things that can’t coexist within the same life.”

― Emily Henry, People we meet on vacation

This resonated with me. You know Emily Henry never let you down. Well, if you don’t, take my word for it and you will thank me later.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Honestly, I could never relate to a big party in Malibu kind of story. It sounds too, um, crowded.

But sometimes you must have faith in the author when choosing a book to while away your hours with, because there are so many books out there, but only so much time. Don’t you agree? If you are young, wild, free, and love the excitement that comes with big parties at beach houses, you might like this book. Not to mention, it’s about four siblings who are the talk of Malibu as the offspring of a famous singer.

One night, a big summer party and a cocktail of secrets and love set the mansion ablaze! It becomes intense and complicated, the unfolding of the mysteries, generations have tried hard to hide.

“Our family histories are simply stories. They are myths we create about the people who came before us, in order to make sense of ourselves.”

― Taylor Jenkins Reid, Malibu Rising


If Malibu Rising isn’t for your taste, you might like to give Book Lover by Emily Henry a chance, and feel free to leave me some recommendations as well 🙂


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