Is it too late to make a career change?

I’d say never because if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and put in a little effort, it’s possible. Here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

It’s likely that some of us chose a career straight out of school or university without giving it much thought. This leads to us dragging ourselves to work, sitting at a desk from 9am to 5pm doing something we’re not passionate about, SIMPLY BECAUSE WE THINK IT’S TOO LATE TO MAKE THE SHIFT.

So again, if that’s you, it’s never too late to start – turn left or right; you don’t always have to keep going.

Disclaimer: I’m not a career counselor or anything, I’m just sharing my thoughts, so bear with me if this article isn’t structured like a professional article.

1. Let go of the fear, it is holding you back

If you’re thinking of reinventing yourself, you may be afraid of failing. Especially if you’re in your comfort zone doing something you’re familiar with. But that will only stop you from achieving great things. Is it possible that you’ll fail? Yes. Can something go wrong? Of course, it can. But what if it doesn’t? What if you discover strengths and abilities that open up new possibilities?

2. Look at your past and evaluate

The experience you’ve gained over the years is invaluable and goes beyond your paycheck. They add value to your portfolio! So start by breaking down your JD into parts, identify your key areas of expertise and find out if there are any areas you can get into.

I worked in the travel and tourism industry for almost 8 years. For the last three years, I worked in the product development and marketing department of a local DMC. My duties included extensive research, content creation, and concept development (among other tasks). I realized that these were my core competencies and was determined to make a career in this field.

3. Find out what can add value to your portfolio

So when I decided to take some time off from work after the birth of my child, I wanted to find out what employment opportunities were compatible with my skills. Content strategist, author, journalist, blogger … all these were possible options. But I’d be willing to learn new things and improve the skills I’d already acquired through experience.

For some of us, that means gaining a qualification or doing a lot of reading online and offline. It can even be both.

Tip: Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare are great platforms where you can learn new things. Taking on courses like the Google Digital Marketing certificates or Google Project Management certificates or even programming or language courses could up your current portfolio.

4. Bounce off ideas with your close friends

I started my blog a year and a half ago, as a result of a random phone call with a close friend that then turned into a brainstorming session, and now I work as a content strategist and freelance writer for a local magazine while taking care of many other projects. A complete career change? Yes, at 30 years old. I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

When you embark on something new, it’s important to weigh your decision and consider the thoughts and ideas of those who know you. Don’t get discouraged or give up even before you start something, but help them mirror the skills you’ve but not yet discovered.

5. Invest in yourself and grow

To be honest, work-life balance has become a cliché in the corporate world and many of us are married to our jobs in the unhealthiest way possible – how sad. Working hard is good, but working smart is the way forward. So invest in yourself. Don’t come up with excuses like “work is so hectic that I don’t have time to think about my career choice”.

The best way to regain your motivation is to do something when you work for a company, expect more than just financial benefits. Expect recognition, a clear career path, training and development, and so on. If you’re motivated and happy with your professional life, it’ll also have a positive impact on your personal life. You’ll be a happier person.

Contrary to what they say, it is never too late

If you haven’t read my review of Anantara Kalutara, I mentioned how the famous 21st-century architect, Geoffrey Bawa, started out as a lawyer and went on to become one of the most respected architects of his time. If it wasn’t too late for him, it’s not too late for us either, don’t you think?

Only recently I heard of a story where someone’s part-time job went better than expected and he ended up quitting his main job and commuting to his own business entirely. That doesn’t mean we should all quit our jobs and start something of our own. Entrepreneurship can be twice as hard but look at your options. Navigating your way through the career options available has never been easier. With the information at your fingertips, you can analyze and evaluate it before making a decision.

If you need the money, do a survival job, but don’t let it eat up all your dreams and ambitions. Set limits for yourself. Do your work during working hours and take time for yourself and your personal relationships. Always go to companies that are interested in developing you and stay away from companies that don’t promote your personal development and don’t guarantee you professional growth.

You don’t have to figure it all out at once. Take small steps so you don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of your dreams. Keep the big picture in mind, but remember that the small efforts you make every day will eventually pay off, and if you fail, you can always press restart as many times as it would take.

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