Discover Your Authentic Self: 06 books that changed my inner dialogue

I oscillate between poetry and fiction, but self-help has been a genre I’ve avoided like the plague. Call me a cynic, but not all of us are cut from the same cloth. While some may find it easier to follow through with advice and perhaps experience significant growth or change. Some may need a little more than another list of things to do, adding to the pressure of everything that we’ve already got going on.

Sometimes there is a reason why we can’t put in the work we know we should… I’ve never been the one to get anything done when my workspace is a mess. Now, does that speak volumes about all the pending things I’m yet to get to? Probably. But I often feel like there is so much that we just keep in our heads, all the unresolved whys we pursue as we hamster wheel through our days, tampering with our present moment. Only if we could know if there is anyone else out there who can relate in this picture-perfect world, right?

If this strikes a chord with you as it did with me, you might find self-discovery and acceptance a little more appealing.

Of course, you still have to put in the work, but there is a lovely flow to it that begins with altering the inner dialogue that constantly criticizes us for not doing or being enough. That is how, in my opinion, we can resolve the conflict and achieve some peace of mind.

Self-discovery is a journey that never truly ends. It’s an ongoing process of exploring the depths of our being, peeling back the layers of our personality, and uncovering the truest version of ourselves. Now I think that’s a place I’d like to start, wouldn’t you?

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing seven books that have had a profound impact on my own journey of self-discovery. Having said that, it’s a process… and may not happen overnight, but at the very least you will come to accept that no matter what your life has been, in a twisty tangly way most of us share a similar human experience.

Good literature has the ability to make us feel less alone in our journey of self-discovery. It can connect us with others who have gone through similar experiences and emotions, helping us to understand and relate to their stories. Through reading, we can gain insight into the human experience and find validation in the struggles of others. It can also offer a sense of perspective and the realization that we are not alone in our journey. Reading about one’s personal experience with a book can be particularly powerful and inspiring, as it provides an authentic and relatable perspective that can help others on their own journey of self-discovery.

📖A Gentle Reminder by Bianca Sparacino

I came across “A Gentle Reminder” by Bianca Sparacino around when the pandemic started. When everything seemed so bleak and there was no light at the end of the tunnel or so it felt.

I didn’t initially read every word on every page. I did some word-picking here and there before sliding into it. Eventually, I realized that reading the book in its entirety was the only way I could fully appreciate it.

There is beauty in the chaos, they say, but where? You’ll see. From the perspective of an observer, chaos can often seem daunting, unorganized, and haphazard A gentle reminder will help you embrace the messiness of being human and see that you are not here to be perfect and happy all the time. It taught me that it is ok to live through the seasons and the full spectrum of emotions, which I truly appreciate. One of the most important things to remember from the gentle reminder is that you’ve been where you’ve been and with whom you’ve been. There is no changing that. But you can’t forever be at war with your past; you must believe there is still goodness in this world. The past has a way of changing us, but the author constantly reminds us throughout the book that it is ok to remain soft and unchanged by the ways of the world and stay true to who you are.

Sparacino’s writing is relatable, authentic, and honest. It’s possible you might not find everything in the book relatable but as you read you will notice that voice inside of you changing to “that’s ok” instead of the constant frustration that comes with all the why’s.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is on their own journey of self-love. A gentle reminder can also be a way to connect with someone you know who is going through a hard time. Sometimes we just don’t know the right words to say because we either don’t understand their journey or consider ourselves unqualified. This book will equip you with the kind of words that could potentially help you navigate conversations in a healthy direction and add richness to your personal relationships, be it with yourself or others.

📖Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul by Najwa Zebian

So often we find ourselves building homes with other people and then behaving like displaced orphans when we lose them and we have to navigate through life alone. It could be a parent, sibling, friend, or partner but if there is one person you should build your home in it should be yourself, don’t you agree?

The book “Welcome Home” by Najwa Zebian offers an effective road map for laying a solid foundation of self-worth, belonging, and happiness. The journey of personal transformation is organized in the book using the metaphor of a home. Each chapter includes the author’s personal experiences creating a home within herself as well as helpful tips, poetry, meditation, and journaling prompts that help readers gain a better understanding of themselves. Each of the nine pillars in the book—Building a Foundation, Self-Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Clarity, Surrender, the Dream Garden, the Art of Listening to Yourself, and Adapting to Your New Reality—focuses on a different “room” in the house of self-discovery.

The writing style of the author is warm and open, which gives the book a powerful emotional element. All things considered, “Welcome Home” provides consolation for the anguish we experience when we don’t feel at peace with ourselves.

I recommend this book to anyone seeking to strengthen their sense of self-worth, belonging, and happiness

Without a doubt, we may continue to create homes with the people we meet, but having a home within will always provide you with a place to return to as you are.

📖Beyond Worthy” by Jacqueline Whitney

Jacqueline Whitney’s book Beyond Worthy is a strong and inspirational read that provides direction and hope to those who have lost their way. It invites readers on a personal journey to rediscover their strengths and value and is written in an engaging, conversational style.

The book provides insight into the role that suffering and pain can play in personal development and change. Jacqueline implores readers to keep fighting and to keep in mind that even in the most hopeless situations, there is always hope.

I found it to be a powerful and uplifting read. The author’s voice is strong and the message of self-worth is presented in a way that is both relatable and inspiring. Jacqueline in this book teaches us that we don’t need to question our worth or our capacity to get through difficult times, her words offer comfort, understanding, and compassion. This book is a must-read for anyone looking for hope and guidance in their life.

Beyond Worthy by Jacqueline Whitney

While some parts of the book may seem repetitive, I found that this repetition reinforced the positive messages about self-worth and helped to drill them into my brain to override the negative messages that we have been consuming for years. Overall, I highly recommend “Beyond Worthy” to anyone looking to improve their self-worth and self-esteem. The author’s writing style is easy to follow, and the message is one that is desperately needed in today’s society.

📖Daring To Take Up Space by Daniell Koepke

Taking Up Space is an inspiring collection of poetry by Daniell Koepke, who is the founder of the Internal Acceptance Movement (I.A.M.). Through her words, we are reminded of the power we have to take up space in our own lives and find our own paths to self-love and acceptance.

Daniell’s poems are filled with both fear and courage, allowing readers to relate to the struggles that come with trying to find a place in the world. The vulnerability and honesty of her words are both powerful and beautiful. Her poems are a beacon of strength for those who have ever felt like they had to shrink themselves to be accepted.

The collection is intense and thought-provoking as Daniell speaks openly about the struggles of growing up and trying to find our true selves. Through her words, she helps us to recognize the beauty in our own imperfections and to embrace our uniqueness. Taking Up Space is a reminder of the bravery that it takes to be ourselves and to take up space in life.

The collection is intense and thought-provoking as Daniell speaks openly about the struggles of growing up and trying to find our true selves. Through her words, she helps us to recognize the beauty in our own imperfections and to embrace our uniqueness. Taking Up Space is a reminder of the bravery that it takes to be ourselves and to take up space in life.

📖The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery” by Brianna Wiest

It’s true, we often protect ourselves from outsiders sabotaging us, but it’s important to also recognize that we might be the ones sabotaging ourselves. It’s easy to blame external factors for things that are going wrong in our lives, but by not taking responsibility for our own actions, we are limiting our ability to make positive changes and reach our goals.

As I read Brianna Wiest’s book “The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery,” I came to understand that self-sabotage is a behavior that can hold us back from reaching our full potential. The book helped me to recognize my own self-sabotaging patterns and to take responsibility for my actions.

The book is written in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. It provides practical tools and strategies for breaking the cycle of self-sabotage, and it encourages readers to do the internal work of unraveling trauma and building resilience.

Overall, this book helps us understand that self-sabotage is a common behavior and by recognizing it, taking responsibility for our actions, and using the strategies provided in the book, We are able to break the cycle and live our best life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to overcome self-sabotage and reach their full potential.

📖You’ll Come Back to Yourself” by Michaela Angemeer

“You’ll Come Back to Yourself” by Michaela Angemeer is one of my absolute favorites. She is an amazing author and I honestly love all her books but this one, in particular, is a powerful and deeply personal collection of poetry and prose that explores themes of lost love, infidelity, depression, body image, and ultimately the power women have in learning to choose themselves. The book is separated into three sections: Holding On, Ouroboros, and Letting Go and is a cyclical journey of self-discovery.

The book is written in a way that is raw, honest, and relatable. It is a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that it is possible to find our way back to ourselves. The writing style is evocative and thought-provoking, it’s a type of writing that makes the reader feel like the author is speaking directly to them.

When you read the book, it feels as if you have been constantly getting lost in the crowd searching for a familiar face, friendship, love, attention, validation, or a safe place without realizing this journey we are taking is towards ourselves. That is the destination.

The author’s words and experiences may give a new perspective on one’s own journey, providing solace and inspiration. This book can be a powerful tool for self-reflection, self-awareness, and healing. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, we will and we can find our way back to ourselves.

“You’ll Come Back to Yourself” is a must-read for anyone looking to take a journey of self-discovery. It is an inspiring and uplifting book that will empower you to find your way back to yourself and make changes for the better.

Discovering your authentic self can be a journey filled with twists and turns. But it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. With the help of the books mentioned in this post, you too can start to unravel the layers of your inner dialogue. Take the first step today and pick up one of these books.


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