Discover Your Authentic Self: 06 books that changed my inner dialogue

“Discover Your Authentic Self: 7 books that changed my inner dialogue” is a guide to help readers on their journey of self-discovery. This article explores 7 books that offer valuable insights and perspectives on topics such as self-awareness, personal growth, and the intersection of the physical and metaphysical. These books will provide readers with the necessary tools and guidance to discover their own authentic selves and to continue growing and evolving.

5 books you should read this summer

The summer is officially here. If you are anything like me, especially as a mom, you are probably looking forward to a few quiet moments in between to get on with your summer reading. This year I moved to a place by the river with breathtakingly beautiful views. The blue sky and golden sun reflecting…

POV of a writer: In conversation with Suhaib Rumi

What’s more interesting than the mind?” he asked. It was rhetorical. I smiled, for we shared a sentiment. His conviction was clear in his voice; I couldn’t have convinced him otherwise even if I’d disagreed.

I Stand Redeemed

Hello, it’s 9.30 am on a Saturday and I am still cozing up in bed… Isn’t that what weekends are made for? 👧🙂 So this morning I intend to read some amazing work of my fellow bloggers on this platform… In the meantime, I just wanted to give you this poem I wrote about 9…