Want Perfect Beachy Waves? Easy!

Recently my husband asked me if I like my hair long or short, for which my response was I just love a nice change every now and then. Most of us girls love transitioning from sleek hair that frames the face so beautifully to sexy beach waves that perfectly tousle down our shoulders… Don’t we? Speaking of sexy beach waves, they always seem to be … Continue reading Want Perfect Beachy Waves? Easy!

My All-Time Favourite Perfumes

Let’s talk about something we all love…perfumes! Yes? It is amazing how shimming through our favourite fragrance can instantly lift us up. I am quite intrigued, really! There are so many products on the market. So, how do you, go about picking a perfume that best compliments your persona and style? Do you walk into a perfume store and spritz a few testers and go … Continue reading My All-Time Favourite Perfumes