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Beeralu Lacemakers Of The South

many believe it was passed down by the Dutch, others say it was the Portuguese. The latter is most likely the case because Beeralu was more present in the clothing culture of southerners in the 15th and 16th centuries, that is, when the Portuguese were here.

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In conversation with Nick Luebke 

Remember when we were on Myspace? Yes, me neither! Well, of course, I am that old. I was not on Myspace, but it was the most popular social network site pre-Facebook. Facebook made an entrance about an year later (2004), followed by Twitter in 2006. There are currently over a hundred of them, including platforms…

In Conversation with Magda Horváth: “I wasn’t always a conscious customer…”

I believe that for a very long time, we—including myself—have worked to accomplish things on our own, without taking into account other women in our communities. This doesn’t necessarily imply that we have always been in competition with one another, but we have mostly failed to recognize that if we complemented each other’s abilities, we…


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