In conversation with Nick Luebke 

Remember when we were on Myspace? Yes, me neither! Well, of course, I am that old. I was not on Myspace, but it was the most popular social network site pre-Facebook. Facebook made an entrance about an year later (2004), followed by Twitter in 2006. There are currently over a hundred of them, including platforms…

Stay inspired with Sara Magyar: Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

Sara isn’t just a great Budapest based photographer. She is also my friend. So I am super excited to get this conversation on record. I think often we tend to acknowledge talent and awesomeness easily from a distance. Think about it. We would listen to a TED talk by someone we’ve never met or known…

5 books you should read this summer

The summer is officially here. If you are anything like me, especially as a mom, you are probably looking forward to a few quiet moments in between to get on with your summer reading. This year I moved to a place by the river with breathtakingly beautiful views. The blue sky and golden sun reflecting…

POV of a writer: In conversation with Suhaib Rumi

What’s more interesting than the mind?” he asked. It was rhetorical. I smiled, for we shared a sentiment. His conviction was clear in his voice; I couldn’t have convinced him otherwise even if I’d disagreed.

Szentendre — Easy Day Trip from Budapest

If you are looking for some ultimate guide of Szentendre, let me tell you, this is not going to be one, but if you have been wondering if this quirky riverside town is worth a visit, I hope this convinces you! Last summer, we were slowly crawling out of our hidings, after spending our entire…

Anantara Kalutara — The Last Bawa Project

Growing up, I was completely oblivious to the soul-lifting visual delight of structures and spaces. In recent years, this has changed to a great extent. My awareness and love for architecture blossomed when I visited Europe for the first time. My ride from the Vienna Airport to my hotel in Stephansplatz was a splurge of…

Declutter & Organize Your Closet

  About a month back, I was looking for something to wear for a friend’s and family dinner party, but I couldn’t find anything nice. What am I supposed to wear? I have nothing that is appropriate for the occasion…It was frustrating. Has that ever happened to you? This has been the story of my life…

O Vienna, you stole my heart!

“Vienna wasn’t just a city, it was a tone either one carries forever in one’s soul or one does not. It was the most beautiful thing…”

Discover Your Authentic Self: 06 books that changed my inner dialogue

“Discover Your Authentic Self: 7 books that changed my inner dialogue” is a guide to help readers on their journey of self-discovery. This article explores 7 books that offer valuable insights and perspectives on topics such as self-awareness, personal growth, and the intersection of the physical and metaphysical. These books will provide readers with the necessary tools and guidance to discover their own authentic selves and to continue growing and evolving.

Is it too late to make a career change?

If you’re thinking of reinventing yourself, you may be afraid of failing. Especially if you’re in your comfort zone doing something you’re familiar with. But that will only stop you from achieving great things. Is it possible that you’ll fail? Yes. Can something go wrong? Of course, it can. But what if it doesn’t?