Transform Your Bedroom Into A Peaceful Retreat

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Time and time again, I have wished my bedroom could look like a hotel room with all the luxuries. Haven’t you…? In reality, not every one of us can afford a bedroom like that, but (fortunately) transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary, you could unwind in, after a busy day of work, shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Between smart mattresses and… Continue reading Transform Your Bedroom Into A Peaceful Retreat

Want Perfect Beachy Waves? Easy!

Recently my husband asked me if I like my hair long or short, for which my response was I just love a nice change every now and then. Most of us girls love transitioning from sleek hair that frames the face so beautifully to sexy beach waves that perfectly tousle down our shoulders… Don’t we? Speaking of sexy beach waves, they always seem to be … Continue reading Want Perfect Beachy Waves? Easy!

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Where Can One Find Free Feminine Stock Photos

I am a writer, not a photographer. But I understand quality images play a major role in building up the aesthetics and indentity of a brand. Especially us, bloggers spend so much time looking through stock image libraries, searching for perfectly styled stock photographs to spice up our blog or elevate the look and feel of our business website. The struggle is real! Is it … Continue reading Where Can One Find Free Feminine Stock Photos

My All-Time Favourite Perfumes

Let’s talk about something we all love…perfumes! Yes? It is amazing how shimming through our favourite fragrance can instantly lift us up. I am quite intrigued, really! There are so many products on the market. So, how do you, go about picking a perfume that best compliments your persona and style? Do you walk into a perfume store and spritz a few testers and go … Continue reading My All-Time Favourite Perfumes

5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Career|Start Today!

You work so hard. But it doesn’t seem enough to move up the corporate ladder? Is it possible that you are fixated on a job instead of looking at the bigger picture – your career? You’d say ‘That’s not true. I work so hard, even after everyone else has left the office, I am still at my desk. I have no time for anything. Actually, … Continue reading 5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Career|Start Today!

Tangalle|The Perfect Tropical Paradise

Lay down on the soft white sandy beach, soak up the sun and allow the warm sea breeze to caress your skin… Listen, to the sound of the waves crashing before your eyes, and watch the blue skies, reflecting its glory upon the clear turquoise waters… Oh, darling! Just imagine…Perfect, isn’t it? Topping the (Lonely Planet’s) list of best places to go in 2019, Sri … Continue reading Tangalle|The Perfect Tropical Paradise

How To Conquer Your Mornings Like A Boss

Waking up in the morning has always been something I have  struggled with, despite having done it day after day, since childhood (I still don’t seem to have a handle on it).😂 I often find myself, thinking how productive my day could be, if … my mornings are less rushed and more organized. I don’t intend to focus on waking up super early. Truthfully, I … Continue reading How To Conquer Your Mornings Like A Boss