Lemon and Honey Glazed Sticky Pork Ribs – A Lankan Twist

Are you thinking of some homemade juicy pork ribs? I know there are many recipes out there but the first time I made pork ribs I just went ahead with my gut estimates. Having done trial and error a couple of times, finally I’ve established my own recipe. I often prefer homemade to restaurant cooked….

Lush Inspired DIY Bath Bombs

I love Lush products. In fact, it is the concept that I really admire – fresh handmade cosmetics. So after much consideration, I decided to make my own Lush-inspired products starting from bath bombs. At the time of making I had not stated this blog so I honestly don’t have any pictures but surely the…

Creamy Potato And Pumpkin Soup

O the rainy season is back. Living in a tropical country, closer to the equater, we naturally would prefer a chilled drink over a warm one. But days like these,  when the gloomy weather sets in by 2-3 in the afternoon, we all settle for an early dinner in a cozy nook of the house….

What’s so fancy about DC?

Are you dreaming of a holiday in a tropical island, sun-kissed and all? Well, your dream holiday is my home. As much as I love a relaxed beach getaway in my home country Sri Lanka, a desire to venture into unknown geographies fascinates me. However, it is no secret that if you are a Sri…

Bustling Labyrinth Market Of A Bygone Era

I have flown to many destinations via Qatar before, but it has never occurred to me, to stop and explore the country. For convenience we would often book our accommodation at the airport hotel, to get through a long layover. This year, on our journey to Austria, my husband and I decided to give it…

O Vienna, you stole my heart!

“Vienna wasn’t just a city, it was a tone either one carries forever in one’s soul or one does not. It was the most beautiful thing…”